TAXI RIJEKA | Guide trough the city of Rijeka

About the city of Rijeka

Rijeka is located on the shores of the northern Adriaticsea, it’s the third largest city in Croatia and Croatia’s largest port with significant geographic and geostrategic position. Rijeka is the administrative, business, commercial, study and cultural center of the region with a population of approximately 150,000 inhabitants.

In the former Yugoslavia Rijeka was known for a city with one of the strongest industries (paper mills, Torpedo, 3 May shipyard) but the disintegration of the country and other various factors leaded to the collapse of the industry and Rijeka gradually transformed from the industrial into a tourist center. The city has a very favorable and pleasant sub-Mediterranean climate and unique location and proximity to the mountain regions, numerous islands and small tourist villages which are within easy and quick arrive.

The City of Rijeka through history and the most important sightings

The city has a rich history dating back to Roman times and a important witness of this period are the old city gates – Roman arch from 1st century located in Kobler square in the very city center.

Among the other attractions in the city are several cultural monuments, religious buildings and museums of which the most attractive are:

Castle of Trsat

The castle is located at the end of the climb to Trsat, and built on the site of a Roman watchtower, but the present appearance dates back to the Middle Ages. Beautiful view on the town and Kvarner bay from the castle towers. In the summer it becomes a place of cultural and entertainment events. If you decide not to climb the Trsat stairs, our taxi service will take you from downtown to Trsat in about 5 minutes, in a relaxed taxi ride.

Church of Our Lady of Trsat

The church is situated on the Frankopan Square, near Trsat castle, and it’s one of the oldest Croatian sanctuaries. Next to it is a five century old Franciscan monastery, and it and its treasury keeps deeds and gifts exceptional value. Every year, 15.08. happens the procession of Our Lady of Trsat and the streets around the church are closed to traffic, in which case we recommend coming to Trsat with taxi transport.

Governor’s Palace

The palace is located on the Museum Square in the center of Rijeka. It was built a little more than a hundred years, and it was the residence of the governor of the Hungarian crown of St. Stephen, from which he governed the city. Today it houses the Maritime and History Museum of Croatia, and it’s definitely worth visiting. If necessary, our taxi vehicle will wait for you in the parking lot in front of the palace, and take you to your next desired destination.

Near Governor’s Palace is situated the Natural History Museum of Rijeka , located in the former botanical park, the villa above the promenade of Vladimir Nazor. Museum exhibition is focused on the geology and marine research.

City Tower

The town clock tower is located on the Korzo, and represents the very center of Rijeka. By the 18th century, it was the entrance to the fortified town, and since its renewal in the 19th century, combinesit connects the old and new parts of the city and is one of the symbols of the city of Rijeka. Korzo and the old town are exclusively pedestrian zone, but near Korzo there are many taxi service stops.

Church of St. Vitus

It’s the town’s main church, and is located on the square Grivica in the Old Town.

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

The museum is located on the Croatian Republic Square, opposite the Hotel Bonavia. It hosts exhibitions and local and international art events.

Sightings tour with a Taxi Rijeka vehicle

Taxi Taxi Rijeka, offers a tour of the most interesting sightings of Rijeka by a pleasant ride in one of our taxi cars or vans. Our friendly Taxi drivers will tell you a story about the history of Rijeka, and while you are visiting the sights, you will wait patiently for you nearby. Please contact us to agree on the itinerary, and define prices.

visiting Rijeka sightings by taxi