TAXI RIJEKA | Frequently Asked Questions

We have selected a number of questions related to our taxi services which are most commonly encountered in working with clients. If the question of your interest is not listed below, please contact us by telephonei, e-mail or via our online contact form, we will be pleased to help you.

How long do we wait for the arrival of the taxi vehicle?

We value our clients time and we come exactly at the time agreed when ordering transportation to the agreed location. We call our clients to inform them about our arrival.

How can I order taxi transportation?

You can order your taxi vehicle by telephone ( +385 95 887 5807 ), or by filling our online booking form on our website. If you order your taxi by online booking, we will call you as soon as we recieve the order and arrange the details of service.

How do I pay for the taxi service?

For most routes within the city of Rijeka and the surrounding area, the our driver will charge for the service upon arrival at the final destination. When driving to remote locations or specific personalized passenger transport, taxi service Rijeka Taxi, reserves the right to advance billing, and the details regarding the price and the trip are agreed before departure.

Will the taxi wait for me and how long, if I have the obligation to do by the way or at the final destination?

Taxi Rijeka drivers wait for their customers for how long it takes, and the waiting is charged according to the price defined in the price list. We encourage our customers to pre-announce planned stops and waiting time.

How manny passengers fits into a taxi vehicle?

Taxi Rijeka uses only modern, safe and comfortable taxi cars and vans, which can take four to eight passengers with standard dimension luggage.

To where is it possible to book a taxi ride?

There is no limit to the distance at which we drive our customers. In addition to the shuttle in the city of Rijeka and its surroundings, we take our customers to all the cities and towns in the region.

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